A Brand

In 2021 we will be 10 years old, and we decided to undertake a change of Identity. But not only that, but also our project was born. fromARTDo you want to know more? Continue reading...

DeArte Project

In 2021 Babblá turned 10 years old... pandemic included. Since then, the identity of Babblá, our brand, had not suffered any change... with all the changes and things that have happened to us... Besides, after 10 years we decided to leave our small but coquettish office in Cádiz capital, and take the big leap unifying our warehouses and the new office that we could build during the pandemic, occupying our time in productive issues to not be all the time thinking about what the F**** Bicho was stealing from us...

So 2021 has been a big year of changes, good changes, which we have to be positive about (except in PCR). And in this coming and going of changes came this nice internal project. We have called it: deARTE Project.

And what does it consist of? Very simple: to promote artists, friends of the house, showing their work by linking them to our brand. It's as easy as that. The artist provides us with an illustration, and we apply it to our identity: stationery, vehicles, merchandising, etc...

And how could it be otherwise, and since we have moved to Puerto Real, who better than our friend and collaborator Manolo Rod, from "LAPAJARERA" studio, to be the first (hopefully of many) to be part of this project. Do you want to know more about Estudio LAPAJARERA? Keep reading below, you're going to love it!

Corporate Stationery

We applied Lapajarera's illustration to all the basic stationery elements we work with on a regular basis, based on our corporate colours and a strong presence with the restyling of our "Babblá" logo.

On wheels

The nature of our work forces us to be on the road many days. What better way to show this project than by circulating all over the roads of Spain, signposting our vehicles, both for cargo and for our staff when they are on the road?

Manuel Rod (Puerto Real, Cádiz - 1985)
Technical Architect and Building Engineer, dedicated to art and craftsmanship under the name of his studio, Lapajarera. He has worked in the construction sector since 2007, both in construction management and in the project phase. In 2011 he created the skateboard brand Rod Skateboards, a company dedicated to skateboarding, with the peculiarity that all the boards were hand painted one by one... an artistic origin that gave way to his studio: Lapajarera.

Today, Manuel Rod and Lapajarera are one and the same entity. Like a name and his surname. A place dedicated to art, customisation, personalisation and colour, all with his own easily identifiable style that speaks volumes about who he is and where he comes from. Lapajarera focuses on the concept of "Second Chances". Furniture and inert objects, useless and unused, which with a fine restoration work, a painting process and a phase of artistic action get a renewal, with the aim of fighting against the passing of time. Eyes that bring a new soul, hands that humanise it, branches that speak of its undead nature and other symbols that tell of its experiences, its life. This is Lapajarera. This is Manuel Rod.

You can get to know her work and all the beautiful things she makes, by visiting her website by clicking on here