The Red Bull Cockfighting 2020 CYPHER

The global health alert for COVID19 altered the rules of the game for all events with a live audience. Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos had to make a move and find a way to hold the world's largest Spanish-speaking freestyle competition on the planet in the 2020 season.

From Red Bull Headquarters in Austria, the people in charge of the project got down to work, discussing with our team what the roadmap would be for this anomalous season. A concept, 11 countries with their National Finals, 11 different TV sets and the impossibility of being able to travel because of the restrictions due to the health scare complicated the situation. And so the assignment came to our production company.

Red Bull gave us a concept to work on. As on other occasions, we counted on the creative and lighting direction of Eduardo Valverde, as part of the team that would develop the project and bring "El Cypher" to life. And in this way a project was born that was scalable and above all, replicable in the 11 countries, adapting to the existing resources in each one, in a calendar that would not leave a weekend of rest from September 12 to November 28, starting in CHILE and ending in URUGUAY, from where the 11 national representatives of 2020 for the International would come out, which would be added to the 5 already classified.

A specific work manual was developed, with a perfectly detailed rider. Renderings of the set-ups, complete programming of lights, adaptation when necessary, and a total consultancy to each local production of the countries, where we participated in all the previous meetings and the execution of the events.

It is a pleasure to share a project with our dear Edu Valverde, who is already part of our Babblera family, and who brings us all his creativity to make the best of our projects.

And we are very grateful to Red Bull International for their confidence in the project, a reason that endorses the years of dedication and good results that Babblá has had with the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, a project that we are honoured to form and that we hope to continue forming for many many years to come. We leave you some renders, sketches and plans of the CYPHER commission, and you can see the real result at the National Finals of each country. We hope you like them!

CustomerRed Bull InternationalServiceDesign, touring, techniqueYear2020