Festival No Sin Musica 2016

In 2016 we took part again as co-promoters and co-producers of the Festival NO SIN MUSICA 2016, which took place in Cádiz at the end of July.
A very special event for us, because it is in our house, and we were lucky to be able to show the more than 25,000 people who entered the venue during the 3 days, what we do and how we do it.
Bunbury, IZAL, Love of Lesbian, Molotov and Loquillo were some of the artists who performed at the Festival. A Festival that this year has grown steadily but noticeably, offering a better service to its attendees and artists.
But this year we also took the festival to the streets with the OFF NSM, in order to bring to every corner of our city the music of the emerging bands of our land that played on different stages around the city.
As promoters, we are very happy to be able to develop these ideas in our beloved Cádiz, and as promoters, without a doubt we know that we have carried out a great event, where we have had a great time.
We also bring you some of the graphics that we have developed for the Festival, which obviously came out of our kitchens... All the photos that we put here are by our dear Paco García Cortés: a machine!

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