Red Bull Roosters Battle of the Roosters 2020 International Final

After having done the entire Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos National Finals tour, remotely producing the Cypher in each country, we had no idea what we were in for. Our partner and battle partner NEP BROADCAST, responsible for the live broadcast of all Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos events, and our dance partner for several years now, hired us to produce the International Final in the Dominican Republic, where NEP, in addition to doing the streaming, acted in this edition as the executive production of the event.

So there we went, this time nothing remote, to cross the pond and make in a film studio (Pinewood Dominican Republic) the craziest event we have done so far. NEP Netherlands developed a complete Augmented Reality (AR) event, where the challenge was not only the lack of audience, but also that the participants would be in a green 100% (Chroma) environment, offering the viewer a whole virtual world that left the more than 15 million people who followed the event live with their mouths open.

25 days of intense work, with an international professional cast that did what they do best to make this event, "The Event", of the year 2020. We leave you some pictures of the set, all from Red Bull's Content Pool, but we invite you to watch the event on Youtube, because the truth is, there is no better way to explain it than watching it... Thanks to NEP for counting on us, and to Red Bull for continuing to trust in our way of producing events for another year.

Now let's see what 2021 brings us, because if this one was crazy... you'll see what's to come!

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