Red Bull Roosters Battle of the Roosters 2020 Spain National Final

2020 has been the toughest year on record for our industry. All live events have been really affected, and therefore it was a year where Red Bull Cockfighting had to reinvent itself.

Thus came this format, where we went to a TV set, and developed the CYPHER (we will discuss it in another post). A totally new concept, transmitting the unity and the bond between the participants of the Battles to their audience.

A highly technical, 360° set-up, with lighting and stage design replicated throughout the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Series.

The result: UNIQUE. In Spain the audience broke all records of previous years and was the most watched live National Final in the world since Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos has been held.

The design and set design was by Babblá and Edu Valverde. The lighting set was by Edu Valverde. All the technical production by SMART FUSSION, who did an impeccable job and, of course, all the Broadcast, one more year, by the hand of our NEP family, with whom we have been working this project for several years and growing together with it. The contents of the screens were provided by the NATIVO agency for all the stops. And up to a total of 20 companies that coexisted in these difficult times where security measures were taken in COVID prevention and where we were immersed in a postponement that kept us in production for another week to be able to carry out the event in the best possible sanitary conditions.

All photos by MASTERS Gianfranco Tripodo and Jacobo Medrano for Red Bull Content Pool.

CustomerRed Bull SpainServiceProduction, Technical Production, ExecutionYearOctober 2020