Red Bull Battle 2021 Spain National Final

Our beloved Red Bull Batalla. This is the eighth national championship we've been involved in, doing our bit to make Red Bull Batalla bigger and bigger.

And this year it was even stronger than ever, as we were coming from events with no audience, due to this damned pandemic that has silenced us so much. But we saw the public again at the Battles, and in what way. Where? The Wizink Center, of course. Our favourite "arena", which has already seen 3 national finals and the best international final of all time. It was Sold Out, with an audience that still had to live with COVID measures, but who enjoyed and supported the event from minute one.

The SET was the "Cypher 2.0", devised by our dear Eduardo Valverde, who directed the entire lighting set with his team and assembled by our ever-loving SMART FUSSION, who more than lived up to expectations and offered an unbeatable technical show.

The photos are by our friends Gianfranco Tripodo and Jacobo Medrano for the Red Bull Content Pool. The videos are by Raul Mendez and we took some photos of our own.

It is a pleasure, as always, to continue giving our best for this event that we saw practically being born and with which we have grown so much.

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