Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2019 National Final

A stadium. Has this event grown so much? Well, here's the answer. In 2013 the National Final was a sell-out with just 6,000 people. Six years later, 20,000 more are coming. And for this it is necessary to go where the big tours go: the stadiums.

The RCDE STADIUM in Cornelia (Barcelona), was the chosen venue to see how the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, became the Freestyle competition in the world with more attendees in person. And how could it be otherwise, the production was in keeping with the moment.

As promoters of the event, we take care of all management, licensing, executive and technical production as well as participation in the entire design of the event.

14 July 2019
Capacity: 22,500
Photo credits: © Red Bull Content Pool

CustomerRed Bull SpainServiceComplete productionYearJuly 2019