Ibai Llanos Pilla Tu Samsung

In the middle of summer and immersed in a hellish season, our friends from MEDIABRAND called us for one of those "crazy" ideas that we like so much. Any other proposal, out of common sense and with the season we were having, we would have declined the production... but of course, the ingredients of this production were very attractive, so we got down to work.

MEDIABRAND had worked on an idea for its client SAMSUNG in the presentation of its new mobile phone models: to make a Pilla Pilla competition, narrated by Ibai Llanos, and where the elements of the playing field were recreations of these mobile phones, in all the infinite positions that their FLIP or HOLD technology allows.

We went to Terrasa, got a TV set and in record time, we built the whole parkour circuit designed by the best professionals in this discipline hired for the occasion.

We leave you the result, in images provided by MEDIABRAND and with a link to IBAI's YouTube channel. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed it!

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