Promo MotoGP 2022 - KTM Racing & González Byass Jerez

What if we pulled a typical Jerez horse-drawn cart with 360 horses? That was the crazy idea brought to us to activate the Gran Premio Red Bull de España de MOTOGP in the city of Jerez. One of the most important stops on the calendar, which was back in full swing after the pandemic.

For this, we lined up with the González Byass winery, a unique enclave in the city of Jerez, of international interest and with facilities in the heart of the city that are a living work of art. But of course, it was impossible to put so much horsepower... except by putting two KTM SuperDukes with 180 horsepower each, pulling the Calesa. For this, we had to build an ad hoc support, which would support the pull that the bikes would give, and the push of the buggy itself with the inertia. In addition, of course, we had two very experienced riders from the KTM RACING structure who would take part in the World Championship a few days later: Pedro Acosta and Remy Gardner.

We leave you with the result... a very funny promotion that the MotoGP TV (DORNA) team immortalised in a documentary piece that we show you in this post. All photos © Red Bull Content Pool.

CustomerRed Bull SpainServiceProduction, ManufacturingYear2022