Red Bull Alter Ego

Real or virtual? If the number one in MotoGP competed in real time against the number one in the E-SPorts MotoGP World Championship, who would win? We have asked ourselves this question many times, but nobody could find a solution... until Red Bull came along and proposed to produce ALTER EGO.

The 6 times MotoGP World Champion, Marc Márquez, faced the current E-SPORTS MOTOGP World Champion, the Canarian Adrian Montenegro at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, where we set up a set for Adrian where he could race in real time against Marc, who was flying over the track.

A complex production, with a spectacular audiovisual piece, by the hand of the director of publi Alberto Blanco, where we produced all the action, designed Adrian's box, set up the technical production and gave support for the filming.

Who won? What are you waiting for to watch the video below!

PHOTOS: ©Sebas Romero_Red Bull Content Pool

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